Resource List for Teachers in City of San Leandro

Compiled by ACI

Alameda County Industries – Contact Carrie Dobert, at 510/346-8150
Offers tours to small groups of students, age 8 and above, of the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where Alameda’s recyclables are sorted. Transportation to ACI’s San Leandro location is not provided. Carrie also offers classroom presentations on a variety of themes to any age group. Small groups (30 or less) are preferred.

StopWaste.Org (Alameda Waste Management Authority)—StopWaste.org/at-school Contact schools@StopWaste.org or 510/891-6500 Offers the following free to public schools: • Field trips for 4th grade classes to the irecycle@school Education Center in San Leandro • Student Action Projects, curriculum and videos • Sheet mulching projects for fifth and sixth grade classes • Green school operations and maintenance support

CalRecycleCalRecycle.ca.gov/Education Services for teachers and administrators including curriculum, program models and more.

Altamont Education Advisory Boardhttps://m.facebook.com/AltamontEAB/ Grant funding for programs that promote waste prevention and recycling.

Earth 911Earth911.com Find recycling centers and learn recycling basics.

The Story of Stuff ProjectStoryOfStuff.com Includes curriculum, short films, and other resources to promote sustainable living.

PBS Kids Loop ScoopsPBSkids.org/loopscoops Videos to get you thinking about the stuff in your life.

Bag ItZabhealth.com A documentary about plastic bags and their effect on waterways, oceans, and even our bodies.

Bring Your Own Bag CampaignIGotMyBag.org Why reusable bags are better than paper OR plastic.

Junk Mail Reduction CampaignStopJunkMail.org and CatalogChoice.org Recycling junk mail is good, but it’s even better to stop getting it.

Go Green InitiativeGoGreenInitiative.org Training tools to create a “culture of conservation” in your community.

U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyEPA.gov/students Homework resources, ideas for school projects, lesson plans, games and quizzes.

Waste-Free LunchesWasteFreeLunches.org Information to start or participate in a waste-free lunch program.

School Yard Clean Upswww.coastal.ca.gov/publiced/schoolyard/ – show students that environmentally responsible behavior can begin at their school and in their own neighborhood.