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San Leandro

Recyclables & Organics Collection Programs

Recycling is now mandatory in Alameda County. Visit for details.

For help making the most of our recyclables and organics programs, review the Publications & Resources page and contact us. We have representatives available who will visit your business to conduct a waste assessment, make service suggestions, and help train employees.
Commercial businesses are eligible to have up to 96 gallons of recyclables AND 96 gallons of organics service per week for no additional charge. Below charts are for additional recyclables/organics service.
Below rates effective July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.

For FEL box dimensions, please click here.

San Leandro Commercial– Above-Basic Recyclables & Organics Service
Option 1: Commercial Mixed Recycling: Weekly Collection Frequency РMonthly Rate
Weekly collection service of up to 96 gallons of Recyclables AND up to 96 gallons of Organics are available to our commercial customers for no charge. Rates for additional Recycling and Organics service are listed below:

Option 2: Commercial Single-Stream Recycling (Organics or Source Separated Recycling)
Weekly Collection Frequency – Monthly Rate

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