Publications & Resources


Publications & Resources

General Outreach

The following outreach materials were designed to help businesses make the most of available programs and services. Print them from your own printer or contact us to request hard copies.  Contact us to order hard copies.



What happens to my organics?

 Alameda: A Clean Town





Wonder What Happens To Your Recyclables?



Wonder What Happens To Your Organics?




Proper Sorting Makes a Difference!




What Happens To Your Garbage?



Billing Inserts

2020 Billing Inserts

  • October 2020: Holiday Service Schedule & Have You Visited our Website?
  • September 2020: AB 827 – New Collection Requirements & Recycle Right!
  • July 2020: Recycling is Mandatory, We Can Help! Improve or Start Your Recycling Program Today!
  • May 2020: We Support our Community, Steps you Can Take to Help us Stay Safe!
  • February 2020: Recycling is Mandatory – We Can Help!

2019 Billing Inserts

  • November 2019: Mandatory Recycling Ordinance – Organics, Proper Sorting Makes A Difference!
  • October 2019: Holiday Service Schedule & Have You Visited Our Website?
  • April 2019: Proper Sorting Makes A Difference! Recycling is Mandatory. We can Help!
  • February 2019: Plant Debris must be properly sorted/Recycling is Mandatory – We can help!
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2020 Newsletters

  • September 2020: AB 827 – New Collection Program Requirements, Are Reusables Right for You?, Holiday Service Reminder, Recycle Right!, Help Us Provide Safe and Efficient Service, Recycling and Composting is Required. We Can Help!
  • June 2020: COVID-19 Resources for Businesses, Guidance for Reusables, Thank you for Your Efforts!, Proper Sorting Keep Garbage Out of the Recyclables and Recyclables out of the Landfill, Reduce Unwanted Paper, Holiday Service Schedule.
  • March 2020: Go Reusable – Save Money and the Environment, Recycling is Mandatory – We Can Help!, Avoid Wishcycling, Bags to Bins Poster Tool, Waste Reduction Grant Opportunity, Dispose of Hazardous Waste Responsibly, Holiday Service Schedule.

2019 Newsletters

  • December 2019: Be Green This Holiday Season, Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper Belong in the Green, Real Holiday Trees are a Renewable Resource, Holiday Service Schedule, Mandatory Recycling.
  • September 2019: Reuse and Reduce at Your Business!, Holiday Service Reminder, Are Reusables Right For Your Business?, Service Tips, Recycle Right!, Recycling and Composting is Required – We Can Help!
  • June 2019: Join the Foodware Revolution!, ReThink Disposable Technical Assistance, Web Resources for Recycling and Waste Prevention, Mandatory Composting, Holiday Service Schedule and Calendar of Events
  • March 2019: Tips for Program Success, Recycling is Mandatory-We Can Help!, StopWaste Grant Programs, Holiday Service Schedule, Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste.
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StopWaste.Org Outreach

StopWaste.Org works with the City of Alameda and all other cities within Alameda County to provide updated recycling, reuse and purchasing outreach materials and programs. Select materials are listed among the Helpful Links below. To see all available materials and order hard copies, visit www.StopWaste.Org.

Helpful Links:

Industry-Specific Resources

Resources for Businesses and Multi-Family Properties

Usable Food Donation

General Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling Information

Reusable Packaging

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

Green Maintenance

Mail Reduction

Donation / Reuse

Hazardous Waste / Electronic Waste

Green Building

Recognition Programs

Industry-Specific Resources


Looking for general program information?

Interested in becoming a certified Green Business?

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